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ECMO Training Seminar

ECMO Life offers ECMO Training Seminars for all ECMO Specialists (Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Perfusionists, EMT/Paramedics and Students). These seminars include interactive didactics and hands-on sessions, focused on the basics of ECMO mechanics and troubleshooting.

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Course Details

Maintain and Grow Your Skills

The ECMO Essentials Training Seminar is for individuals aiming to maintain skills or obtain initial training and education.  Our multi-disciplinary approach provides medical professionals and students with a platform to understand ECMO mechanics and how the system interacts with the patient.

Complete knowledge of the components within the ECMO system allows the individual to feel comfortable and confident with the technology to make safe clinical decisions

Modern operating room with the patient on the table.

Didactic Curriculum:

  • Components of the ECMO system
  • Arterial & venous cannula types, insertion, and position
  • Centrifugal pumps (how they work and what determines flow)
  • Monitored parameters on ECMO Equipment (RPM/Flow/Pressure)
  • Differences between RVAD/LVAD/VV-ECMO/VA-ECMO
  • Oxygenator function/failure (regulation and management of pC02/p02)
  • ABG analysis (patient sample vs. circuit sample)
  • Mechanical ventilation during ECMO
  • Patient scenarios
  • Shift report (what to look for)

Hands-on Session:

  • Overview of various ECMO systems (Cardiohelp, Centrimag, Sorin)
  • Priming ECMO systems
  • Component calibrations
  • Air-removal
  • Troubleshooting flow variations
  • Getting comfortable with disposables and equipment