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ECMO Staffing Opportunities

As an ECMO Specialist (Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Perfusionists, EMT/Paramedics) your skills are in high demand.  Our platform presents you with flexible ECMO opportunities worldwide, letting your lifestyle drive your career – not the other way around.

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Embrace the ECMO Lifestyle

As an ECMO Specialist, your skills are needed around the world for both short-term relief and long-term positions.

At ECMO Life, we help match you with opportunities so that you can build a career you love.

Total Flexibility

Being an ECMO specialist, you want control over where you go next, and how long you’re there.  We keep your preferences on file, then present you with opportunities that match.  Your profile is totally confidential, and we don’t share your information with hospitals or medical groups unless you decide to pursue the opportunity.

How It Works

Simply sign up as an ECMO Life member – for free- and opportunities that match your preferred locations and time frames will be presented to you as they arise.

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What Opportunities Will be Presented to Me if I become an ECMO Life member?

Opportunities are obtained from hospitals or medical groups needing ECMO Specialist  (ES) coverage. ECMO Life (EL) secures agreement with Client, and shares opportunities with ECMO Specialist. After qualified ECMO Specialist confirms an interest in the opportunity, EL works with Client and ES to credential and place for assignment.

When ECMO Life comes across an opportunity that matches your completed profile, we will contact you with one or more of these options based on your preferences:

  1. ECMO Relief Assignments – If you decide to engage in this opportunity, you will work for ECMO Life as a 1099 Employee. You can work as little or as much as you want based on your lifestyle goals. This opportunity is excellent for all ECMO staff, from those who are currently employed full time and desire extra income, to the retired specialist and everyone in between.
  2. Permanent relocation (FT or PT) – This is our Placement, or “head-hunter” service. If/when we find your next ECMO position, the hiring Hospital or Group will pay a onetime fee to ECMO Life for your placement.

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