About ECMO Life

Your Partner for ECMO Training and Education

We also make it easy for qualified ECMO specialists to connect with hospitals, groups and vendors who are seeking temporary relief or longer-term ECMO staff. ECMO Life does not engage in traditional full-time ECMO service contracts. Read a message from our owner below to learn more about our platform and mission.

Team of surgeons having discussion in operation theater at hospital

Our Mission

Our mission at ECMO Life is to provide a convenient and ongoing program for medical professionals to obtain or enhance skills necessary for Specialist safety. EL focuses on the needs identified by ECMO Specialists.  Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Perfusionists, EMT/Paramedics, and other disciplines require continuous education and training on the Mechanics of ECMO. We provide initial and continuing education necessary to develop and maintain the skills required by the specialists at the bedside, and during transport.  Our multi-disciplinary approach provides medical professionals and students with a platform to understand ECMO Mechanics and how the system interacts with the patient.  Complete knowledge of the components within the system allows the individual to feel comfortable and confident with the technology to make safe clinical decisions.

Ann Sanderson, MSN